Arabian horse festival

Arabian horse festival is a new event concept aimed at supporting breeders of Arabian horses. Each presented horse that will pass the First Veterinary Inspection will be granted 500 € contribution. The combination of fitness test and strict veterinary examinations will test the future of each young horse, with special prizes for Best Condition and Best Recovery Time. Such rules guarantee that horse welfare will be a priority and, at the same time they will allow the horses with real potential to truly domenstrate their abilities.


Are you a breeder and you want to sell your horses?

  • Be a part of a unique platform for Arabian horse lovers where you can present your breeding success + you will get 500 EUR for each horse after meeting the conditions. If you are interested, send us basic info, breeding background, achieved results and success and we will help you with promotion
  • We know that an effective presentation is half of the success, therefore we offer, for an extra fee, making professional photos of your horses, video recordings, pedigree processing with descriptions and highlights of sports/breeding successes of ancestors.
  • The professional background of one of the largest equestrian centers in Europe, where buyers from all over the world attend the festival.
  • Award for "Top Horse of the Auction" awarded by an independent commission.

Are you looking for the next star of your stable?

  • You have come to the right place! We guarantee a quality selection of horses of different ages and levels of training in order to satisfy even the most demanding clientele.
  • We provide all buyers with advisory and veterinary services, assistance with transports abroad, recommendations for stables for suitable for horse training and a special discount for equestrian events organized in Šamorin (endurance races).
  • We offer a rich accompanying program such as breeding seminars on various topics, horse training demonstrations screened in Tuli Cinema, Meet and Greet evening for riders and breeders.
  • Horse insurance offers tailored to specific clients.
  • Don't hesitate and bring your family, we have prepared packages of leisure activities: boat trip to Vienna, Schloss Hof castle, golf, trip to the national stud farm and breeding facilities in Topolcianky, lunch at Chateau Amade, Slovakia ring, Malkia park, etc.

Want to be a coach? This is your opportunity!

  • Selling horses isn't our only service, for future owners we will be happy to prepare a recommendation for trainers and stables in the area - prepare your presentation and send it to us, you can be one of them
  • Horses sold through our auction will have a special discounted entry fee for our endurance races throughout the season so you can increase their qualification (applies to endurance races)
  • Breeding seminar on various topics (correct metabolism during races, etc.), sale of equestrian equipment and expo zone as a possibility of presentation.

Show jumping grounds

  • 3 sand show jumping grounds
  • 3 grass show jumping grounds
  • Total show jumping area of 52 929 m2
  • Main Stadium (the largest grass ground) with an area of 16 800 m2
  • Farrier´s Arena (the largest sand ground) with an area of 9 900 m2


  • Racetrack with a length of 1 650 m and width of 18 m

Indoor equestrian halls

  • 2 equestrian halls with capacity of 500 seats
  • smaller training hall a with an area of 3200 m2
  • larger hall for competitions with an area of 3 680 m2


  • 440 summer stables
  • 198 winter stables
  • 45 club stables
  • Rider´s Club
  • Farrier’s Restaurant

Check out the catalogue.

Download the ARABIAN HORSE FESTIVAL catalogue from 2018